The development of a Wisbroek recipe

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At Wisbroek we understand how important it is to meet the specific nutritional needs of birds. Developing a new product in our bird feed line is a careful and fascinating process that starts with listening to the market and ends with a high-quality product that our customers can proudly offer to their birds.

Step 1: Listen

The first and crucial step in the development of a Wisbroek recipe is listening to our customers. We constantly keep our ears open to understand what is in demand and what needs exist in the world of bird nutrition. Our mission is not only to meet the current needs of our feathered friends, but also to be a little innovative and look ahead to what they may need in the future.

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Step 2: Collect information

After identifying a potential new product, we dive deep into the world of information. We consult books, search the internet and have conversations with our valued customers to understand what is currently being done and to find out the natural diet of the bird species in question. All this information is carefully collected and compared to form a solid basis for our new recipe.

Step 3: Assemble and test the recipe

Our dedicated nutritionist then gets to work on making a proposal for the composition of the new product. This recipe is the basis for the very first batch produced.

It is important to note that this first batch is never sold. Instead, it undergoes extensive testing in our own Wisbroek R&D Center. In addition, it is made available to our contacts such as zoos and breeders. We want to be sure that the product meets the needs of the birds and the expectations of our customers. All feedback and information we collect allows us to make adjustments where necessary.

Natural Ingredients - Parkdieren
3kg Insect Eater Diet

Step 4: the road to the market

If, after extensive testing, the product is deemed suitable for marketing, the process of finding suitable packaging, designing a label and everything necessary to distribute the product in our webshop and through our partners and points of sale begins. to be able to sell. This is an exciting phase where we apply the finishing touches before the product is ready to offer to our customers.

But this whole process takes time. We need about a year before a new product actually comes onto the market. During testing, the birds must have gone through an entire breeding season and a molting period. Only then will we have all the information we need to determine whether the product is optimal enough and meets the conditions we set for Wisbroek bird feed.

continue developing


At Wisbroek we are constantly working on further developing our products. We stay in close contact with our customers and our own R&D team to ensure that our recipes can be improved and always meet the latest insights.

Did you know, for example, that in 2023 we made adjustments to our pellets for crooked beaks to increase digestibility? This is just one example of our ongoing commitment to providing the best recipe for your bird.

We are currently busy developing new products that will probably hit the market next year. We look forward to continuing our mission:

” providing high-quality nutrition that makes the lives of our feathered friends even better “

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