Feeding a young parrot by hand

Handfeeding parrots

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The eggs have hatched and the parent birds are busy feeding the young ones. This is of course the ideal picture that every breeder of parrots has in mind. Unfortunately, it does not always go so smoothly. The parent bird dies or does not feed the young. It can also be the case that there are several youngsters in one brood and the youngest one is not fed enough by the parents. In such cases, there is a need to intervene and hand feed the young. Of course, you want to give such a small bird the best possible food, to give it a good start. So what do you give a young parrot to eat?


The solution is special handfeeding. This hand rearing food contains all the nutrients that a young psittacine needs. Wisbroek has various handfeeding. Wisbroek has developed two handfeeding variants for parrots: one with a high fat content and one with a high protein content. Which type of food your bird needs depends on its natural diet.
Parrot handfeeding

High fat of high protein

Do you have a young parrot that needs a diet with a higher fat content? Then Wisbroek Parrot High Fat Handfeeding is the product you need. This diet contains a fat content of 16.4%. Egg powder, lecithin and probiotic, among other ingredients, make it a complete food. It is suitable for birds such as Psittacus, Macaw, Poicephalus and Pionites melanocephalus.


For young parrots that need a diet with extra protein, Wisbroek Parrot High Protein Handfeeding has been developed. This food contains 23% crude protein and 9% crude fat. A recipe with ingredients such as egg powder, digestive enzymes and probiotics makes it a complete food that is easily digestible. For birds such as Amazons, Pionus, Psittacula, Pyrrhura and Pionites leucogaster this is the right recipe.


The special building blocks in these two types of handfeeding support the growth and development of the musculature and bone system. It is a natural and energy-rich food that contains everything a young parrot needs to grow up without the help of the parent bird. Its consistency is ideal for feeding it to your bird with a crop nipple or spoon.

A special skill

We do want to emphasise that handrearing is a skill in itself. If you have no experience with it, you cannot just start. Leave it to an experienced and skilled person. Problems can arise, such as problems with the crop. Young birds that are hand reared often become independent later than when they are fed by the parent birds.


Wisbroek handfeeding is also very suitable as force feeding for sick or weakened birds. If they are unable to eat themselves, you can hand feed them to regain strength. They will still get all the nutrients they need.
Do you have any questionsor need advice regarding our Wisbroek Parrot Handfeeding products? Send your question to hello@wisbroek.com. Our nutrition expert will be happy to help.
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