Good start for young flamingos

Young Flamingo
Reading time: ± 1 minute Did you know that the word “flamingo” is based on the old Spanish word for “flames” or “red feathers”? However, a flamingo hatches as a little ball of grey downy feathers on high legs. With its straight beak and grey colour, it does not even remotely resemble its parents. In the first years, the young flamingo slowly loses its grey feathers and gets pink ones in return. This pink colour is obtained through the natural colouring of their food.

Extruded pellets

Wisbroek Flamingo Starter consists of pellets made by a unique production method called extrusion. The advantage of this is that each pellet contains all nutrients and is easily digestible. The balanced recipe comes as close as possible to the menu of these birds in the wild.
Young Flamingo
Young Flamingo with Parent

The best recipe

Wisbroek Flamingo Starter contains a high percentage of fish and shrimp meal. In addition, the pellets contain natural carotenoids. These are body-own substances that the birds would also eat in the wild. Carotenoids provide the beautiful pink or red colour of the flamingos. The bird’s immune system is supported by this food with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. These come from animal and vegetable protein sources. The young flamingos love this tasty meal. Wisbroek Flamingo Starter pellets are coated with fish oil. So also for your little grey flamingo Wisbroek has the best recipe.
And if your little one is already a bit bigger, then switch to Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating. This will provide it with all the nutrients it needs as a larger and ultimately adult flamingo. You can give these pellets to your bird from the age of 3 weeks, but then only in a soaked form.
Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating - 15kg
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