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Reading time: ± 1 minute When developing bird food, it is not the end of the story once you have developed and tested a product. In the course of time there are always new views. This allows you to continue to develop and improve a product. This is exactly what we do at Wisbroek. At our Wisbroek R&D Center, we can test the products with our own birds and make any necessary adjustments to the feed.


Another important source of information about our feeds is the feedback we receive from our customers. For example, some users of our Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Daily asked us why these pellets are often eaten last by their birds. They often use a mix from our Parrot range and they noticed that these pellets remained the longest. With this question in mind, we reviewed this product. By taking a critical look at our recipe, we were able to adjust and improve it. It is often in very small things. The diversity and balanced formula remains guaranteed.

Renewed recipe

The new recipe was finally introduced to the market and we immediately received feedback that Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Daily pellets were now being eaten almost immediately by their birds. This is of course good news. Now all small birds can fully enjoy our healthy food. By the way, the renewed recipe has been applied in both the Small and Large pellet of our Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Daily.
Curious to find out if your parrot also enjoys the renewed Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Daily? Order it in our webshop and let us know what you and your bird think of it. Feedback and ideas can always be e-mailed to
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