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The life of a


It was 2006. Mr Wisbroek (Mr W) lived in a small village in the Netherlands. He was known there as “that gentleman with flamingos in the front yard”. His hobby soon led to a garden with many exotic birds.

Mr. W

The white flamingo

However, Mr W ran into a problem: the flamingos were losing their beautiful colour. Investigations by Mr W revealed that this was due to the nutrition of his birds.

The search

Together with a friend, Mr B (a nutritionist and just as big a bird lover), Mr W investigated the various types of feed available on the market. None of the feeds specifically catered for the colour of flamingos and therefore did not contain all the ingredients that a flamingo in the wild would ingest.

Mr. B


on a mission

Mr W and Mr B decided to work together to develop a complete feed especially for flamingos and ibis. They did not look at the price, because they wanted to make only the best food especially for these animals. A complete feed containing only the best ingredients to make these beautiful birds feel the same as they do in the wild.


Pressure, Pressure

It was not easy to combine so many different natural ingredients into one product. Every method tested resulted in a loss of essential nutritional values. Meanwhile, fellow bird lovers wanted to know whether the friends would also sell the food they had developed for flamingos.

Pressure is what

we need

Much research and testing followed. Suddenly, there was the solution: by producing the feed in a special way, the nutritional values could be optimally retained. This enabled them to produce a superfood for birds.

A fertile


Mr W’s birds were also happy. They got their beautiful bright pink and deep red plumage back. In addition, the breeding results that year had never been so good. The excellent health of the birds was also confirmed by Mrs V, the vet by whom Mr W always had his birds checked. Her examination results showed excellent values.

Mrs. V

Ready for


An exciting moment arrived: the production. Would this superfood for Flamingos and Ibises catch on with the professionals? Mr W thought that every flamingo in the world deserved such beautiful colours. So he took his superfood to the zoos.

Expand for

more special birds

The zoos started to try out the complete superfood. They were so impressed that Mr W received many requests to develop a complete superfood for other exotic bird species as well.

And so it happened…

Our ambition

and the future

A range with 16 different products for different specific bird species. They were also given only the best natural ingredients. This superfood is currently sold in 18 countries. Wisbroek continues to develop its food lines.


Today, only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used. And there are many! Diversity in food is just as important for birds as it is for humans.

By offering the food in the form of a pellet, which is also produced with that unique production process (extrusion), we offer the superfood for special birds.

Continuing to achieve excellent results has really become a team effort. As no bird is the same, the Wisbroek team (Mr W, Mr B and Mrs V) is currently developing customised products for small birds. On the one hand for the bird food in composition and quantity, but also for the enrichment of the bird’s current environment.

A sustainable


Wisbroek is committed to a sustainable world. Sustainability is reflected in the solar panels that generate our energy and extra attention to our packaging. We also support various conservation projects, because many species have a hard time in the wild.

We are committed to constantly improve ourselves.


bird lover

Meanwhile, in the north of the Netherlands, Mr. U is developing supplements for birds. Like Mr. W, he is a huge bird lover and has a garden full of birds that deserve only the best. His vision is that birds deserve more than bird food alone. In his search, he found a partner and a number of nutritionists and nutritionists who could help him. Together they developed products under the name of Avis Cibum. These supplements contain everything that birds need, in addition to the right nutrition.

An interesting


The world of bird products is a small place, and the paths of Mr. W and Mr. U soon crossed. Mr. W and Mr. B also took the road of supplements with their product for carnivores. Mr. W and Mr. B saw this as an interesting collaboration with the producer of supplements. Together, they have over 100 years of experience in the field of bird health. Even with a complete diet, some birds may need certain additional supplements. It may be just the little extra they need to feel good about themselves. With a combination of a healthy diet and good supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals, every bird will be in good health.

Under the wings of


At the beginning of 2022 they decide to join forces and Avis Cibum will continue under the wings of Wisbroek. These products will also continue to be developed and new products will be developed together.

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