Switching to Wisbroek

Switching to Wisbroek

Birds, like humans, are creatures of habit. They don’t always enjoy trying something new. How do you help your birds adjust to a new feed? They might find it difficult to let go of their habits. So what is the best way to go about this? Wisbroek is happy to help. We asked our nutritionist Ben Lamberigts about the best approach when switching to Wisbroek feed.

Wisbroek offers an extensive range of balanced, high-quality feeds. We have a feed that is just right for your particular bird. The most important thing when switching to another feed is patience. It is best to allow your birds to gradually get used to Wisbroek feed.

You can do this by following this useful plan:



Mix 80% of the current feed that your bird requires with 20% Wisbroek feed.



Mix 60% of the current feed that your bird requires with 40% Wisbroek feed.



Mix 40% of the current feed that your bird requires with 60% Wisbroek feed.



Mix 20% of the current feed that your bird requires with 80% Wisbroek feed.



Give your bird 100% of the Wisbroek feed it requires.

Why switch to Wisbroek?

Wisbroek offers a complete feed that provides for all of your bird’s nutritional needs. Each feed is the result of years of research at our Research & Development Center. Just because birds have a preference for certain types of feed (ones that they are used to), it doesn’t mean that those types of feed are best for them. Your birds will naturally choose feeds that they are accustomed to, not necessarily those that are the healthiest for them. But when you gradually switch to a Wisbroek feed, they will get used to it and make it their first choice.

When is the best time to switch to another feed?

There are two optimal times to switch to another feed:

It is not a good idea to switch to a different feed in winter or during the breeding season. You should also take care if switching to a different feed during moulting.

Are there any side effects when switching to Wisbroek?

There are not usually any side effects, especially if introducing Wisbroek gradually as described above. Sometimes, there is a brief period when your bird might eat little less than usual. But this is nothing to worry about, as eating a little less for a few days will not harm birds. They will soon get back to eating regularly once they are used to the new feed.