Power for food insects

Power for food insects

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Insects. Many birds love them and it is a natural source of protein for them. Now it is the case that food insects like mealworms, moroworms, buffalo worms, crickets and so on often lack nutritional value. By enriching them first, you add vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids to give the insect more nutritional value. You can apply this to both living and frozen food insects. How this enrichment is done, Mr. U explains below.

Living food

With living mealworms, you usually don’t know what kind of feeding ground they have lived on. Once a mealworm has already eaten rich nutrition itself, it is more nutritious for birds. You can easily enrich live worms by putting them on a Wisbroek Mealworm Diet nutrient medium. This food contains good nutrients for birds. This is a coarsely ground powder that is eaten by the food insects, supplementing their nutritional value. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, blood plasma with extra vitamin A, vitamin K1 blood coagulation, and vitamin K2 (K1 and K2) on a natural basis, among others. In addition, Wisbroek Mealworm Diet ensures that the food animals build up the right ratio of calcium and phosphorus. Once birds eat these enriched insects, they immediately get the extra nutritional values they need.

Mealworm diet


So when you buy frozen food insects, you rely on the nutrition that the insect has received. You can also enrich these insects and you do so with Wisbroek InsectPower. You easily sprinkle this powder over the defrosted food insects. Wisbroek InsectPower has a nice structure that adheres well to the insects. Because it sticks, the birds eat the powder along with the insect. In this way, the food is enriched with good nutrients and gets more nutritional value for the birds.

With these methods, your birds will have the pleasure of tasty food insects, such as mealworms, combined with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong.

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