The best recipe for your Lory

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Lorys are a popular feathered friend for many bird lovers due to their beautiful colours as well as their friendly and sociable character. In the wild, Lorys mainly eat nectar and pollen from blossoms. They also eat insects and fruit. To keep the birds in good condition, it is necessary to imitate their natural diet as closely as possible. Therefore, Wisbroek has developed a special food for Lorys. You can choose from three variants in our range.

Wisbroek Lory Diet

The first variant is Wisbroek Lory Diet. This is a supplementary feed consisting of extruded pellets. Each pellet contains all the nutrients your bird needs to stay in top condition and is prepared with real fruit. You can give these pellets in addition to its daily ration of nectar and fruit.


Wisbroek Lory Nectar

To give your birds the nectar they need, we have Wisbroek Lory Nectar in our range. By mixing the powder with water, a nice gel-like feed is created. This nectar contains all the natural nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins that the Lorys need. The added spirulina in the nectar prevents spoilage and is also a natural colouring for birds. This helps to bring out their beautiful natural colours. This nectar can also be combined with fresh fruit.

Wisbroek Lory Powder

Our third food variety for Lorys is Wisbroek Lory Powder. This is a dry food for nectar-eating birds. The powder is very similar to the pollen that the birds eat in nature. Therefore, it is quickly accepted and they love it. Wisbroek Lory Powder also contains all the nutrients that Lorys need. Because this food can be fed dry, it significantly reduces the risk of mould. It can also be sprinkled on their daily portion of fruit.


The best recipe for your bird

Whatever variety you choose for your Lorys, you know that with our Wisbroek Lory Nectar or Lory Powder he provides a complete diet. This can be supplemented with Wisbroek Lory Diet. In this way, your bird gets all the nutrients it needs to stay in top condition. So you have the best recipe for your lory at home.
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