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Winter is coming

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Summer is over, the days are getting shorter and the weather more changeable. As a bird owner, it is then important to make preparations to get your birds ready for the winter to come. For birds living in an outdoor aviary, it is important to protect them from the weather. Even though many bird species can withstand the winter cold, they do need some help from their caretaker to get through the winter in the best possible way. Not only their housing, but also their diet needs extra attention.

Extra energy

The cold causes birds to burn more fat, so they need more energy from their food. They will go a long way with good quality food. If you have birds that eat pellets, you will see that they will eat more in cold weather. After all, they need more energy to keep themselves warm. Adjust their daily portion accordingly.

For birds that eat egg food, Wisbroek BreedPower is an ideal product to give your bird extra energy. By mixing Wisbroek BreedPower into your egg food, you enrich the egg food with additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritional elements.



Direct daylight is important for birds. This way, they produce vitamin D. This is important for growth and maintaining strong bones, but it also plays a role in proper muscle function and the immune system. The more they are outside in direct daylight, the more vitamin D they can get. So going outside as much as possible in winter too is good for birds. Are your birds not getting enough direct daylight? Then supplement their vitamin D with Wisbroek VitaPro A-D3-E-C to support resistance. This is easy to add to drinking water. The combination of different vitamins in Wisbroek VitaPro A-D3-E-C supports the immune system and calcium absorption in bones. In addition, the antioxidants in vitamins C and E protect the body’s cells.

Freezing weather

Is it freezing hard? Then be careful with fruit and vegetables. These can freeze and are then no longer healthy to eat. Drinking water will also freeze. In that case, give new water regularly or give larger quantities so that it takes longer to freeze completely. If there is an indoor cage, it is better to put the water in there to protect it from freezing.


Even when it’s not freezing there can be a cold wind. Protecting your birds from this is a must. Make sure they can sit out of the wind so they can keep themselves warmer.

MR B says hi!

With some extra care and attention, your birds will survive the winter well and in good health. Before you know it, it will be spring again.

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