Which recipe for a successful breeding season?

European Goldfinch
Reading time: ± 2 minutes The breeding season, it seems a very natural thing, but it is often not that simple. There are quite a few factors to take into account to make a breeding season run as smoothly as possible. The most important thing is that the birds are in top condition. No matter how balanced the birds’ diet is, the breeding season requires extra nutritional elements and energy. You can offer them this by adding supplements to their daily feed. Which supplements should not be missing from the recipe for your birds?

Before the breeding season

A good preparation is very important to let the breeding season run as smoothly as possible. Breeding therefore starts a while before the breeding season. Calcium and vitamin E are important in this period. Therefore, start giving Wisbroek CalciPro Liquid about 3 to 4 weeks before the breeding season. This supplement prevents a shortage of calcium, vitamin D3 and magnesium. The birds get stronger bones and a good eggshell formation. In addition, it is advisable to give Wisbroek VitaPro E+Se. Vitamin E with selenium is not called the fertility vitamin for nothing. It promotes fertility of breeding birds and also strengthens the immune system of young birds.
Eggs European Hoopoe

During the breeding season

As soon as the breeding season starts, it is important to stop giving vitamin E. Otherwise, the males will become too breeding-intensive and the female will not be able to breed at ease. Calcium remains important, so you can just keep giving it.

During breeding you can give your birds extra energy by giving them egg food with Wisbroek BreedPower. BreedPower enriches the egg food with the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micro-nutrients. After all, a female bird needs enough energy to lay a number of eggs.

After the breeding season

Hurray! The youngsters have hatched and are being cared for by their parents. In order to give the youngsters a good start, it is best to give them egg food enriched with Wisbroek BreedPower in addition to the daily feed. The parents look for nutritious food, such as protein-rich food. They then give the egg food to their young. This makes the youngsters big and strong.

But the parents themselves must also recover from the intensive breeding period and need good feed. Certainly because most birds moult after the young have fledged. A bird also needs some extra energy in the moulting period. The eggfood enriched with Wisbroek BreedPower is just as important for the parents to gain strength and get ready for the new season.


All year round

So you see. Breeding birds does not happen by itself and is an intensive activity. But with the right supporting vitamins and minerals, it is very satisfying when the breeding season is successful and the young birds flutter about happily in the aviary afterwards. A bird that is already healthy and strong is more likely to produce strong offspring. It is a process that takes place throughout the year and that is why you want to keep the birds in top condition throughout the year with the right feed and supplements. In this way they are ready for what is to come in each period. Wisbroek supplements are essential for this.

If you have any questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Mr. U will be happy to help you make your birds’ breeding season a success. Send an e-mail with your quation to hello@wisbroek.com.

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