Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating: Why we don’t have a Breeder and a Maintenance variant

Ibis-Flamingo Floating

We are regularly asked why we do not have a Maintenance and Breeder variant of Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating. Before going deep in this subject we need to keep in mind that many concepts of the past are changing and improving through years of research! It’s a fact that for some species, such as parrots for example, it is crucial to adjust diets between seasons, mostly due to the need to increase/decrease the levels of protein and fat. For flamingos the most important thing is to provide a top nutrition all year long. The percentage of pellets that the flamingos will eat, will vary depending on the time of the year. In the winter they will eat more feed than in the spring and summer. Due to higher maintenance requirements at a lower temperature, but also due to the absence of “natural” feed additions (insects, algae, buds, grass seeds) in winter. In this way they will not lose their condition during the hard winter and they will reach the breeding season perfectly in shape.


Maintenance- and breeding feed

Now, what will happen when we do not give enough fat during the low season and we increase the protein a lot in the breeding season? Well, during the winter, the birds will then have insufficient fat values to transform into energy, which they need to endure the cold. This will make them burn protein to convert it into energy. This is a process that is not efficient at all, and also causes liver damages due to the overwork of this organ. But assuming that the bird endures the winter like this and, before the breeding season starts, we dramatically increase the levels of protein, he will use this amount of protein to burn into energy and to replace the levels he should already have. And this can work, but in a long term it is a disaster.

The key

The key, in our opinion and experience, is using a top feed all year long, like our Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating. With a percentage of 19% crude protein and 9% crude fat, the bird will have 365 days per year the adequate level of fat. This allows him to use this total 19% of protein only for the target metabolic processes, and never to burn this to replace the required energy, which is provided perfectly by the 9% crude fat.  On top of this our feed is coated in fish oil which will make it more palatable, making it easy to train the birds to eat it dry and therefore avoiding waste. It will also make the pellet much more difficult to break up and turn into dust, even if the pellet is soaked in water it will remain intact for longer. We also have added EPA and DHA; that are essential fatty acids that the birds cannot produce themselves. They are really good for the embryonic development, prevent heart diseases and promote a healthy brain.


Secret of the breeding success

Trigger the birds for the breeding season will not be necessary through the feed. It is the weather, the balance of the group, the aviary, the availability of nesting places and an appropriate soil and a lake/pond. This combined with a top nutrition all year long is the secret of the breeding success of this amazing specie.

Would you like more information about Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating or do you have any questions about the nutrition of your birds? Then contact us via info@wisbroek.com. We like to help you!

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