Wisbroek Micro 22 and Micro 40: what’s the difference?

Protein, fat & carbs

Protein, fat and carbs provide energy to the animal. If less protein and fat is present, such as in Wisbroek Micro 22 (22% protein / 8% fat), there will be more carbs compared to the Wisbroek Micro 40 (40% protein /10% fat). So the main issue here is therefore related to the capability of the animal to digest carbs. Carnivores and piscivores don’t digest carbs very well, herbivores on the other hand do. Most of the ducks, which are kept under human care, are omnivores, therefore the 22/8 ratio is most suitable. If you give an animal more proteins, which they will not use, then the proteins must be burned, which has the disadvantage that much more nitrogen has to be discarded by the body, which costs energy and will not be good for the birds kidney and is also not efficient.


Energy level

Next to this, protein and fat have a higher energy level than carbs. This means that the Micro 22 contains less energy than the Micro 40. When you feed ad libitum, the Micro 22 is much more safer to feed to young birds, avoiding overgrowing, joints/bone problems etc. And the Micro 40 is more suitable for feeding birds that need extra energy.
In the Micro 40 we use more high-quality raw materials like fishmeal for example. This is very important for birds who also eat fish and crustacean in nature, like for example the grebes. But it is not necessary for birds eating water plants, for these ones Wisbroek Micro 22 is the most suitable.


One of the great advantages of the Wisbroek Micro 40 is how it can be used as a supplement for Gulls, Terns and other sea- and shore birds . They are extruded pellets which absorb water, when in contact with the fish being fed to these birds. The pellet inflates an gets glued to the fish. In this way, the bird will automatically eat pellets when he eats the fish, which together act as a high quality supplement.

We hope to have created a clearer picture of the differences between Wisbroek Micro 22 and Wisbroek Micro 40. Keeping previously mentioned kinds of birds under human care can be a challenge, due to many reasons such as nutrition, acclimatization or the setup of an aviary that provides all needs for the welfare of these birds. We are proud to contribute to meeting these challenges by providing a complete feed that fulfill all the needs of the bird’s metabolism. Of course the Wisbroek team is always available to provide nutritional advice as far as our knowledge reaches. Please contact us via info@wisbroek.com.


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